What is PTC?

What is PTC? — ptc heating

7 Reasons to Use a PTC Heater

Reliability is the trademark of any top-quality heater. A unit is only efficient if it's able to deliver consistent, uniform heat when it's needed the most.

Anyone who's ever had a car seat overheat or a room take on "hot spots" knows the limits of traditional, fixed-resistance heaters. When you rely on a single-point sensor to assume the temperature of an entire surface, this poses more than a functionality issue. It also creates a major safety risk.

While traditional heaters are still widely used across myriad industry niches, there's another, smarter solution. Enter, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters.

A PTC heater is safer, more reliable and more consistent than a traditional heater. In this post, we're sharing eight reasons why you should reach for this type of heating solution on your next project. 

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Benefits of PTC Technologies

Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers have been using PTC technology solutions to solve problems in a wide range of industrial applications where improved safety, less complexity, and durability had been issues.  There are numerous other advantages that continue to make PTC heaters the number one choice for design engineers.

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