Positive Temperature Coefficient

What is PTC?

PTC Element Fan Heating

PTC ceramic heating elements improve the efficiency of typical resistive heating elements used in applications where electrical forced-air heating is required. The PTC, Positive Temperature Coefficient, the heating element is built into extruded aluminum profiles combined with a fan to effectively transfer heat quickly to an adjoining space.  Aluminum profiles are designed for optimal heat transfer with the forced air across the fins.

Efficient Transfer of Energy

In any heating application, some form of energy, electrical, gas, oil, or even hydropower is being converted into heat.  The energy of one is converted to heat energy which in turn raises the temperature of the adjoining air or physical object to bring both into equilibrium.

A PTC fan heating system converts electrical energy through the resistive element to heat which transfers very effectively to the aluminum housing.  The aluminum housing is designed to radiate the heat to the air moving across its surfaces.  

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PTC Element Convection Heating

PTC Convection Heating Improves Efficiency New PTC ceramic heating elements improve the efficiency of typical resistive heating elements used in applications where natural convection heaters are preferable over conventional forced-air heating. The PTC, Positive Temperature Coefficient, heating element is built into ext...

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How to Choose a PTC Heater

Four Selection Considerations for PTC Heaters Positive temperature coefficient heating elements have some unique properties that are taken into consideration when deciding which type to use for industrial applications. These are small scale heating applications for both industrial, commercial, and residential applications.           . Application Temperature & Controls Voltage & Watt Density Space & Safety How Does the Application Impact Design Considerations? We find PTC thermistor elements in almost every industry. They are primarily known as PTC heating elements or PTC ceramic heating elements utilized for creating heat. Used with industrial applications, these are small scale heating...

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Cartridge and Immersion Heaters

Cartridge, Immersion, Tubular, and Fin Heaters These terms can be confusing, and applications for each vary considerably. Round cartridge heaters, Square cartridge heaters, Cartridge immersion heaters, Flanged cartridge heater, Fin cartridge heater, Insertion heater, Rod heaters, Pencil heaters, Low density, and High density.

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Why Use PTC Ceramic Heating Elements?

PTC Ceramic Heating Elements are Unique in Industrial Heating.

Industrial heating brings to mind huge furnaces, pouring hot lava-like metal, and long annealing ovens, but there is another subset of heating elements not talked about as often.

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