Positive Temperature Coefficient

What are PTC Heaters?

NTC vs. PTC Heating Elements

What's the Difference Between NTC and PTC?

Across a range of industries, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters offer myriad benefits, including a simple troubleshooting approach, minimal maintenance, and secure, efficient heat transfer.

Despite their apparent advantages, they're still competing with their counterparts, Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) heaters. With multiple options on the market, engineers and program managers might find it challenging to select the specific heating elements suitable for their project.

Unsure which model is the best fit? Read on to learn more about PTC vs. NTC heaters, and why PTC solutions are ideal for most industrial heating scenarios.

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How are PTC heaters used in 3D Printing?

The origins of 3D printing are complicated.

I was actually a little curious when he told me they can actually produce body parts or at least attempt to produce artificial limbs.  3D printing actually started in the early 70s evolving from the advances in inkjet printing.  

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7 Reasons to Use a PTC Heater

A PTC heater is safer, more reliable and more consistent than a traditional heater. In this post, we're sharing eight reasons why you should reach for this type of heating solution on your next project. d.

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PTC Immersion Heaters - Why Would I Need an Immersion Heater?

If you have ever lived in a frigid climate you are familiar with the numerous types of heaters. There are oil stick heaters, oil pan heaters, radiator heaters, and even engine blankets that work similarly to the electric blankets you use on a bed at home. Most of these need a thermostat for controlling the temperature or limit the heat by the resistance of the heating element. The later has no control and will remain on as long as electricity is applied to the heater. These types of heaters use resistive wire as the source of heat. Newer electric immersion heaters are utilizing PTC technology to control the temperature of the heater.

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Benefits of PTC Technologies

Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers have been using PTC technology solutions to solve problems in a wide range of industrial applications where improved safety, less complexity, and durability had been issues.  There are numerous other advantages that continue to make PTC heaters the number one choice for design engineers.

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