Climate Controls


Enclosure Climatization Controls

Compact thermostats and hygrostats to control temperature and humidity for a perfect enclosure climate. DBK has a variety of controls available:
  • Thermostats - T-series for rail mounting. Adjustable switching temperature.
  • Inline Thermostats - Thermostats with fixed temperature. Accessory for DBK heaters.
  • Hygrostats - Hygrometer adjustable in 5% RH steps with frost protection.
  • Dualstat - Controller based on bimetal technology, two thermostats in one housing. For control of heaters and coolers.

Applications for DBK’s Control Devices

These electronic temperature controllers are used in industrial and commercial applications where controls need to be small reliable durable construction.

  • Electrical and electronic control systems
  • Power distribution & transformers
  • Power Generation
  • CCTV Boxes
  • ATM Enclosures
  • Control Panels/Outdoor Enclosures
  • Analytical/Medical Instrumentation Industrial Instrumentation Food and Beverage Cooling Telecom Cabinets