Cirrus 60 PTC Fan Heater (200-400W)

Cirrus 60 (200-400W)

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DBK’s Cirrus fan heaters use positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating technology, ideally suited for climate control. The heaters can be controlled independently from the fan, allowing a ‘fan-only’ mode for air circulation.
Combined with corresponding accessories, the broad range of self-regulating PTC fan heaters are suitable products for many applications. Cirrus fan heaters are proven to be safe through given temperature limitation. They are compact in size, self-regulating, and highly reliable.

  • High power to size ratio
  • 115V or 230V available
  • Lightweight
  • Three power options in a single unit (200W, 300W, or 400W)
  • Separate fan operation capability
  • Included Mounting: 35mm DIN rail clip (EN60715)
Options: By Request Only
  • Side mounting bracket for wall mounting (4xM4)
  • Bulkhead mounting bracket for floor mounting (4xM4)

ATM´s, Ticket Machines, Parking Ticket Terminal, Access Systems, Fuel Dispensers, Energy Ports, Building-Safety Systems, Building-Management Systems, Landscaping Systems.



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