Condensate Evaporators

Condensate Evaporators

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PTC Condensate Evaporator

A PTC Condensate Evaporator is a compact, encapsulated system with an integrated condensate collection tank for automatic collection and evaporation of condensate in enclosures & electrical cabinets.

An electronic condensate evaporator uses PTC heater technology for reliability, and low power consumption removing condensation inside air-condition cabinets and refrigerators.  The evaporator includes inlet and outlet ports for condensate such that no draining of the accumulated water is necessary.

PTC Condensate Evaporators are available in three power versions from 135W to 200W, suitable for a voltage of 110V or 230V.

How does a PTC condensate evaporator work?

Condensation collected inside a sealed electrical enclosure needs to be removed. It can be drained from a cabinet as collected, but that often isn’t feasible.  The drain pan must be emptied periodically or connected via a hose to the outside. This leaves the enclosure vulnerable to more moisture from the outside environment and can be unreliable.

A PTC evaporator uses a heating device to evaporate the water and ejects the steam created outside the cabinet.  Moisture can’t come into the cabinet, and there is no need to drain the collection container.

Where are PTC condensate evaporators used?

  • Electronic enclosures
  • Refrigerated counters, freezers, and industrial air conditioning.
  • Any air-conditioned cabinet

Condensate Evaporator Features:

  • Operating power up to 200W
  • Evaporation rate up to 245ml/h | 8.28 oz/h
  • Compact, encapsulated design
  • Maintenance-free, no draining necessary
  • High security and reliability due to PTC technology
  • Integrated condensate collection tank
  • Easy integration by a hose connection
  • Mounting via DIN clip or mounting bracket
  • Low power consumption due to dry run mode (~50W)
  • Low Energy Switch (~15W)  Available by Request

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