DBK Electric Drum Heaters

DBK Electric Drum Heaters

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DBK Electric Drum Heaters

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Pump or pour liquids with ease using DBK Electric Drum Heaters. We are proud to introduce our new product line of drum heaters that can be used to control, maintain or raise the temperature of materials stored in steel drums.

Depending on the material or situation, the contents within the drum may need to be heated, preserved at a particular temperature, or removed and handled quickly. Our silicone side helps keep the products within the drums at a consistent temperature and reduces the viscosity of the materials to suit whatever needs the customer has. 

DBK electric drum heaters will also protect products within the drums. Our heaters keep those valuable materials safe from cold temperatures and freezing and keep essential foodstuffs fresh and viable. Instead of moving the heavy drum to the heat, transfer the heat to the drum with easy-to-use DBK electric drum heaters. 

How Does a Drum Heater Work? 

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Electric drum heaters reduce the viscosity of materials stored in drums and maintain desired temperatures.

The heater securely wraps around the drum and is fastened with a spring and hook mechanism to keep it snug.

Adjust the temperature control to apply heat to the steel drum, which transfers through the steel to the material stored inside. The material is then heated.

The drum heater keeps material inside the drum at a desired temperature with even heating that eliminates hot spots and protects materials. This is especially important for more sensitive products such as sugars which need more delicate treatment. 

The heaters also help provide freeze protection and maintain elevated constant temperature if needed. Removal of the material inside the drum is fast, easy, and efficient through pumping or pouring because of reduced viscosity through the heating.

There is no need to struggle with a thick liquid that refuses to move. Just apply the heater to the drum, let it heat the material within, and easily maneuver the product out of the drum to wherever it needs to go. 

Drum Heater Uses

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Facilities and companies that store liquids or materials within a steel drum need to be able to protect and take proper care of the materials and be ready to remove the materials from the drums.

Depending on the material, the viscosity may not allow for easy removal from the vessel.

An electric drum heater can be wrapped around the drum and heated so that the material within becomes less dense and easier to remove or handle. Rather than waiting or struggling with a viscous liquid, the heater will make the job easier and faster. 

In addition, some materials may require protection from freezing or need to be maintained at a particular temperature. Drum heaters provide the temperature control needed to take care of all of these needs. They can also melt materials that may have become frozen within the drum.

A simple adjustment on the temperature control dial allows you to set whatever temperature is needed for the material stored in the drum.

Drum Heater Applications 

Electric drum heaters control the temperature of the contents stored within a drum. This provides multiple applications for the heaters depending on the material within the drum. Some of the many possible applications for electric drum heaters include:

  • Adhesives Heating
  • Chemical Component Heating
  • Diesel Fuel Heating in cold weather
  • Grease and fats heating in cold weather
  • Heating foodstuffs such as honey
  • Heating soaps
  • Heating paints and varnishes
  • Metal Drum Heating
  • Plastic Drum Heating
  • Portable Drum Heating

In all cases, the DBK Electric Drum Heater will make the above materials less viscous and easier to handle. For more delicate products, such as foodstuffs, the heater will preserve them and keep them viable. 

Our Drum Heater Models

dbk drum heaters

All DBK electric drum heaters are made with PFA multi-strand resistance wire laminated between silicone rubber and glass fiber sheets.

Each model incorporates either a capillary thermostat or a digital thermostat adjustable from 0-250 degrees Fahrenheit, providing precise and even heating to the materials contained within the drum.

A hook and spring provide easy installation and a snug fit around the steel drum. The models include heaters for 5-gallon drums, 15-gallon drums, 30-gallon drums, and 55-gallon drums with specifications as follows: 

  • FH300135 HSSD/A 5 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 300W 5 x 31.5"
  • FH300136 HSSD/B 15 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 500W 5 x 37"
  • FH300137 HSSD/C 30 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 110-120V 800W 5 x 51"
  • FH300138 HSSD/C 30 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 800W 5 x 51"
  • FH300139 HSSD/D 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1000W 5 x 65.5"
  • FH300140 HSSD/D 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 110-120V 1000W 7 x 65.5"
  • FH300141 HSSD/D 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1000W 7 x 65.5"
  • FH300142 HSSD/D 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1500W 7 x 65.5"

The 5-gallon model comes in 220-240 V while the 15, 30 and 55-gallon models come with the choice of 110-120V or 220-240V.

All of our models can be used in conjunction with an HBD heater, which provides heating from the drum base. Using both heaters improves heating efficiency and provides faster heating times. It also helps break up stubborn solids that may have built up at the bottom of the drum. 

Protect your investment and bring the heat to your drums with DBK's new line of Electric Drum Heaters. Keep products stored within your drums low in viscosity, easy to handle, and viable.

DBK Electric Drum Heaters are the clear choice for your drum heating needs.

Contact DBK today to discuss which of our electric drum heaters is right for you. 

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