Etched Foil Silicone Rubber Flexible Heaters

Etched Foil Silicone Rubber Flexible Heaters

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Flexible heaters are in almost every industry in the world. These heaters used because they're versatile, durable and able to wrap or conform to different surface contours.  The flexible industrial heater has strengths and characteristics providing more “flexibility” in its applications.

Why Use a Flexible Heater?

A flexible heater is a chemically etched, screen printed or wire wound heater. Our focus is on chemically etched heating elements enveloped inside silicon rubber insulation.

The etched foil element, when it's flexed or bent, conforms to the contours of the surface, which requires heating. There are various types of flexible heaters, and each usually performs according to customized size, shape, and thickness.  Other names for the flexible heater is silicon etched and flexible wire heater, film heaters, silicone rubber heater, and barrel heaters.

DBK USA already has a strong US presence in the industrial heating component market. Their specialty is providing specialty and customized heating products for many industries. 

Flexible Silicon Heater Capabilities

Etched Foil HeatersSilicon rubber insulation is used in heating applications with operating temperatures of - 76 degrees F to plus 382 degrees F. This range makes the silicon heaters well suited for a wide variety of applications and industries. Power ratings are variable based on application and voltage. These heaters are versatile and customized to any size, shape, or thickness. Once customized to the size, shape, and thickness needed, you can also add components that help improve its heating application use. 

These heaters allow their use in food services, manufacturing, electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive, gas & oil, and other industries. Even in the most demanding applications, their durability and flex make them a better choice than the traditional ridged heaters.

Applications of Flexible Heaters

Silicon etched foil heaters can withstand very harsh environments.  They are moisture and chemical resistant but still lightweight and flexible.  They offer IP64 or IP65 protection.  

UL & VDE Approval is available.  If required low smoke and toxicity options are available.

It's the heater's conductive element that transfers heat to the adjoining surface. The heat is consistent across the surface which is an improvement over rigid heaters that project the heat in one direction.  

Industries that Benefit from Using Flexible Heaters

PTC heaters are safer and more reliable than traditional heaters.  Flexible heaters can be an alternative to PTC heaters. The silicone flexible heater is resistant to UV damage, moisture, or chemicals, and able to wrap around a component needing heating. This may be a drum or barrel heater.

Silicone weighs very little and usually comes in around 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter. That means silicone heaters can be transported easily due to their very lightweight. 

Silicone rubber flexible heaters provide for the use of mechanical fasteners for installation, removal, or mounting directly to metal. This type of flexible heater provides vulcanizing using an RTV.

Ready for Your Flexible Heater?

Reach out to DBK USA when you want to learn more about flexible heaters and all it provides your industry. DBK USA answers any of your questions and works with you to customize any heating components needed. 


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