PTC Fan Heaters - Cirrus Series - DBK USA

Cirrus Series (5W-800W)

Cirrus PTC Fan Heaters are a safe and reliable heating solution.

DBK’s Cirrus fan heaters use positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating technology, ideally suited for climate control. The heaters can be controlled independently from the fan, allowing a ‘fan-only’ mode for air circulation. These enclosure heaters are durable and efficient. Combined with corresponding accessories, the broad range of self-regulating PTC fan heater is suitable for many product applications. Cirrus heating fans are proven to be safe through the given temperature limitations. They are compact in size, self-regulating, and highly reliable. 


Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters In Fans

Combining PTC ceramic heaters with a cooling fan provides a broader range of temperature and moisture control.  This is especially true in tightly packed electronic cabinets both indoors and outdoors in a variety of climate conditions.  Traditional heating elements can be problematic in tough conditions. Separate electric heaters, cooling fans, and control components take up too much space. The safety and dependability of the PTC fan heaters and the compact size offers the best option for design engineers.

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