HRKK PTC Air Heaters Explained

PTC Finned Air Heaters Explained

PTC Finned Air Heater Components for Equipment Design

Finned Air HEater

 PTC finned air heaters are specially designed to heat a large volume of air. The fins or honeycomb structure of the heater allows for efficient heat transfer into the air stream through the heater.

DBK standard HRKK air heaters have V shaped fins, and our newer HRP models are fully insulated and offer an option for Delta (D) shaped fins to provide high heat output with minimal pressure loss.

The HR family of heaters use PTC which has a temperature limiting effect, this provides an additional safety feature with little chance of combustion to surrounding surfaces.  

Applications for PTC Air Heaters

You can find these types of heaters in industrial and commercial applications where air flow needs to be heated efficiently and safely.

  • Industrial machinery operator compartments
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery
  • Building climatization.
  • Low energy residential housing
  • Cockpit heater

Positive Temperature Coefficient Air Heaters

PTC finned heaters can be provided with plastic heat resistant end mountings.  The safety and dependability of the PTC air heaters and the optimal airflow and balanced heating offers the best option for design engineers.


Durability, reduced repairs, and downtime

The high-quality materials used in PTC air heaters greatly improve the durability and dependability of the components verses traditional direct resistive heaters. There is no chance of burned out elements or coils with self-limiting temperature heaters. 


DBK’s Off-The-Shelf PTC Finned Resister Heaters Simplify Ordering

HRKK Series Air Heaters – These are available from stock in 100-120V versions, and other voltages on request.  See spec sheet for detailed heating capacity and voltages.

HRP Series Insulated Air Heaters - The 230-400 Volt unit range in mounting sizes from 4.65 in high x 5 to 9 inches wide.  See spec sheet for detailed heating capacity and voltages.


Options – Depending on the configuration

  • Screw points integrated into housing
  • Mounting slider with screw points
  • Individual mounting via T-rail slot
  • Temperature limiter encapsulated for integration into housing
  • Encapsulated temperature limiter (signal transmitter)
  • Mounting slider with temperature limiter
  • Delta fin or V-shaped fins
  • Special versions for 110V, 460V, and 900V
  • Railway industry version accord to DIN 45545 (fire protection) and DIN50124-1 (Insulation) on request.
  • Custom solutions (size, voltage, heating capacity) on request


Apart from the heating function, PTC Finned Resistor Heating Elements perform with an independent temperature limiting effect. This results in a highest possible operating safety. The big surface of the aluminium fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer with low outlet. By an adjustment of the air volume flow, this system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power in certain ranges.