Custom Specialty Products

Custom Specialty Products

DBK has a vast variety of items available. The items listed on this page are Special Order Items. Whether standard or custom designed solutions. Our clients can rely on our expertise and professional support. From the first inquiry via planning, engineering and validation to the finished product - all from one source.

Industrial Heating is our field of expertise. Our industrial heating offerings include heating, temperature and humidity control of equipment and systems in almost all areas of the industry.
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DBK Specialty Products 


Open Coil Heaters

DBK designs and manufactures bespoke open coil heaters for multiple applications.  Our approach is unique; we have a modular construction giving us the ability to create heaters with an enviable power range (100’s W to 10’s KW), with flexibility on supply voltage.  Whether your requirement is low voltage AC or DC, 110V AC, 230V AC single phase or 3 Phase, DBK has the answer.

Open Coil Heater

 We base our designs on wound, ribbon wire heating elements, employing an edge on winding process which optimizes air flow through the heater, creating an energy efficient solution.  These elements, called spirals, can be typically from 4 inches to 8 inches in length depending on the heater design.

The use of ribbon wire enables us to achieve very low surface density, which depending on the overall design can be as low as 13 W/sq inch (2W/sq cm). To achieve the same with round wire requires 3 times the weight of wire.  This avoids unnecessary glow from your air heater, which is only wasted radiated heat, reducing the efficiency.

We use our extensive experience in heater wire welding to interconnect the spirals into series circuits, parallel circuits or a combination of both to create the heater that you need.

open coil heater





Connecting your heater:

  • DBK will make the heater with a wire harness to suit your needs.  Tell us what length you require, specifying with connectors, terminations or bare ends.

Controlling your heater:

  • If required, safety thermostats, cycling thermostats and NTC thermistors can easily be accommodated into your design.

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 Micanit Series 

DBK's Micanit heating elements have two Mica plates that sandwich a Mica heating element and a resistor. The heater may have or may not have a protective steel sheath.

Functional Characteristics
  • Defined heating capacity through resistance wire technology
  • Heating wire wound on micanite plate, insulated to the outside with two micanite plates
  • Heat dissipation predominantly through contact
  • Areal, even heat distribution

Tools and Profiles, Manufacturing Machines and Equipment, Laboratory and Medical Instrumentation, and Fluid Container

For inquiries and orders for micanite heating elements, please specify:
Design, dimensions, jacket material, connection type, voltage and power, length of stranded wire, and desired quantity.

We would be pleased to help you with your design and calculation, and we will also prepare the complete determination of the heating element at your request.

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 Heating Plates

Heating plates are rectangular solid contact heating elements made of aluminum. They have tubular heating elements within them that are cast into accurate positioning by a special method. 

Functional Characteristics

  • Defined heating capacity through resistance wire technology
  • Tubular heating element, curved, corresponding with the heating requirements, in combination with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum provides an even heat distribution
  • Heat dissipation primarily through contact
Design Features
  • Service temperatures up to 300°C
  • Design and contact areas according to customer specifications and requirements
  • Minimum thickness 25mm
  • Surface non-stick coated, PTFE, chem.-nickel, Niflor, hard anodic coating
  • Closed heating unit with socket
  • Sand casting cavity-free and non-porous
  • Cast materials: G-Al Si 9 Cu 3, G-Al Si 7 Mg,G-Al Si 5 Mg, Bronze, Brass
  • Max. operating voltage 500V
  • Power rating according to customer specifications
  • Heating surfaces ground level, contours milled
  • Plate stress-relieved
  • Electrical connection: tubular heating element end projecting M4, socket screwed on, socket cast-on
  • Packing machines, deep-drawing machines
  • Foil and plate heating
  • Hot plates
  • Plastic material processing
  • Laminators
We would be pleased to help you with your design and calculation, and we will also prepare the complete determination of the heating element at your request.


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 High Performance Cartridge Heaters

DBK’s cartridge heaters are extremely compact in size with high power density. The cartridges are smoothed on the outside and allow best heat transfer through forced fitting.

Boilers, heating of vats, containers and tanks, oil trays, oil sump of combustion engines, hydraulic systems, deep fryers, fat containers, washing machines, steam generators, laboratory equipment, medical apparatus, and instantaneous water heaters.

Three Versions:
All cartridges can be fitted with thermocouples and positioned at the base, in the center, or at the top of the heater cartridge.

In addition to the standard types (listed in the Tables, see pdf) customized high-performance cartridges are available upon request. Standard length of the connection wires is 250mm (other lengths available upon request). Balancing of power possible as shown (see pdf).

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Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are used in a large variety of applications. High power density and installation advantages offer solutions for most heating demands. The elements can be adapted extensively to the demands. There are various tube jacket materials available to match different requirements.

Functional Characteristics

  • Defined heating capacity through resistance wire technology
  • Heating wire embedded in magnesium oxide, insulated towards tube jacket
  • Heat dissipation through contact, radiation or convection
Design Features
  • Tube jacket diameters 8.5mm
  • Tube jacket length from 400 to 4300mm
  • Connection area unheated, unheated lengths according to demand, preferably 50, 75, 105, 140, 180, 280 and 900mm
  • Max. operating voltage 500V
  • Power tolerance according to VDE 0700 EN 60335
  • Tube jacket, bendable, blank annealed, bending shape as required, preferred bending radii R15, R20, R25, R30, R35, R45, R50, R60, R70, R80, R100
  • Corrosion resistant through suitable choice of materials for tube jackets 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4435 and 1.4876. Other materials upon inquiry.
  • Electrical connection: Threaded bolt M 4, bolt smooth Ø 2.5 resp. 3.5 mm, blade terminal 6.3mm, stranded wire connection
  • Bent according to drawing or sample
  • We can make suggestions for optimum design of the heating elements if so desired
  • Attention should be paid to the transition from the non-heated section into the heated section, this should not lie in the bend
  • The minimum bending radii are R =15 mm, with material 1.4876 R = 20 mm
Various Fastening Elements are Available for the Installation of the Tubular Heaters
  • Thread nipples hard soldered, welded, pressed on
  • Threaded flanges
  • Flat flanges, round and rectangular
  • Mounting plates according to specification or recommendation
Application Examples
  • Grills, baking ovens, roasting dishes, baking surfaces
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, instantaneous water heaters, boilers, water heaters
  • Heating molds and tools
  • Room heaters, air heaters, radiant heaters
  • Steam generators, evaporators, dryers
  • Deep fryers and dripping pans
  • Heated casting systems
For inquiries and orders please specify:
  • Shape, dimensions
  • Application purpose, medium
  • Tube diameter, material, unheated tube length
  • Installation and fastening elements
  • Electrical connection
  • Voltage, power rating
  • Desired quantity

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Condensate Evaporator


Maintenance free. Energy efficient.
The DBK condensate evaporator comes in a sealed housing with an integrated condensate collection tank. This compact, PTC based, electrical
evaporator solves moisture problems in countless applications. 

Condensate enters, and water vapor exits via hose connections on either end.

PTC technology offers high security and energy efficiency with its
self-limitation of the maximum temperature.

Applications: Enclosures, air-conditioned cabinets, refrigeration units, air
conditioners, outdoor systems etc.

  • Operating power up to 200W
  • Evaporation rate up to 245ml/h | 8.28 oz/h
  • Compact, encapsulated design
  • Maintenance free, no draining necessary
  • High security and reliability due to PTC technology
  • Integrated condensate collection tank
  • Easy integration by hose connection
  • Mounting via DIN clip or mounting bracket
  • Low power consumption due to dry run mode (~50W)


  • Low Energy Switch (~15W)


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