Drymatic Accessories

Drymatic Accessories

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D2: Injection Kit
Turn your Drymatic II into a Push/Pull cavity drying system using our 7-Port adaptors and hose kit. Create Positive, Negative or Balanced drying regimes by manipulating the number of connections fitted.

D2: Reducer Kit (6" to 4")
The Exhaust Adaptor allows the Drymatic II exhaust outlet to be reduced from 6 inches to 4 inchs which allows you to exhaust your Drymatic II into a clothes dryer exhaust, toilet, window vent etc.

D2: Y-Piece Attachment 
The Y-piece splitter allows you to split your airflow into separate chambers/rooms from the Drymatic II. This Y-Piece allows you do duct the controlled heated airflow into 2 areas.