Octopus System

Octopus System

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The Octopus System

The tentacles can be fed under suspended floors to provide warm, dry air into the void; drying both the slab and the underside of the board at the same time. The system can also be used to dry underneath kitchen cabinets or in wall cavities.

This setup focuses thermal energy into the wet material rather than heating up the full volume of air in the room.  Increasing the in-depth temperature of the material itself will significantly increase the evaporative rate of bound moisture in the material. The micro jets are essential as they break the boundary layer (surface tension) and allow additional moisture to transport to the surface.  

The wall injectors can be fitted to the perimeter of any mat, or the solid body of The Octopus System to provide a gentle stream of warm, dry air into a specific area i.e. in wall cavities, or under cabinets.

The injectors come in packs of 5 and feed off the controlled source of heat supplied via the Drymatic Boost. A small 7/16” hole can be drilled into the material to allow the injector to be fed into the area affected, while maintaining the possible fire rating of the drywall. A gentle stream of warm, dry air will then be forced into the affected area assisting the drying process.