PTC Cartridge Heaters Explained

PTC Cartridge Heaters Explained

PTC Cartridge Heaters Components for Equipment Design


PTC cartridge heaters are dynamic heating elements that combine the functions of heating and temperature control in one element. 

Cartridge heaters are used when the heat needs to be transferred directly to a material inside a container or vessel. They are inserted through the wall of the vessel or into a hole to reach the material to be heated.

The PSA Series heater is embedded in an aluminum housing providing a strong design and excellent heat transfer characteristics.  Each are pre-wired for easy installation. 

The series comes in a range of 11W (max) to 113W (max) wattage's depending on the configuration with voltages from12-24V or 110-240V.  Surface temperatures range from 176 – 392 degrees F depending on the wattage and size selected.


PSA Series PTC Element Cartridge Heaters

PTC Element PSA Cartridge Heater

ESH Series PTC Element Cartridge Heaters

PTC Element ESH Cartridge Heaters

Applications for PTC Cartridge Heaters

You can find these types of heaters in industrial and commercial applications.

  • Oil Preheating
  • Fuel Pumps/electric car charging stations
  • Laminating equipment
  • Glue Guns
  • Viscous fluid (heavy oil) pumping valves
  • 3D Printing


Positive Temperature Coefficient Cartridge Heaters

PTC ceramic thermistor cartridge heaters are provided in round cylindrical aluminum housings.  The safety and dependability of the PTC cartridge heaters and the compact size offers the best option for design engineers.

Durability, reduced repairs, and downtime

The ceramic materials used in PTC heaters are much more durable than typical resistive elements greatly improving the durability and dependability of the components. There is no chance of burned out elements or coils with ceramic heaters. 

DBK’s Off-The-Shelf PTC Cartridge Heaters Simplify Ordering

DBK’s PTC Cartridge Heaters PSA Series are high power heating elements provided in round circular housings varying from approximately 0.24 to 0.87 inches in diameter and 1.89 to 2.36 inches in length.

DBK’s PTC Cartridge Heaters ESH Series are designed with exceptionally corrosion resistant stainless-steel casings.  These robust constructed heaters come with an optional cable gland to provide IP68 protection. These PTC heaters come in diameters ranging from 0.43 – 0.39-inch diameters and 2.17 – 2.95 inches in length. With wattages from 36W(max) to 98W (max) Watts and surface temperatures from 185° degrees F to 428°-degree F these are truly powerful heaters for a wide variety of applications in a compact design

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