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Power Calculator

Power Calculator

Online Power Calculator

The DBK Power Calculator App offers an easy and fast way to determine the power requirements of your heating or cooling application:
  • Enclosure Climatization
  • Air
  • Water
  • Iron /aluminum
  • Customized (medium based on thermal conduction coefficient & density)

The required input data will be collected step by step and based on the underlying formulas, the power calculator will calculate your heating/cooling power requirements. Just a few clicks to get the result! Not sure which is the right product for your project? No problem: the app gives a recommendation with each calculation, proposing the suitable product(s) from DBK's broad portfolio.

Now your quote is just one click away! The app allows you to generate and send an email after each calculation, containing all data specified. Whether you need a quote, consulting, or a product proposal, the DBK team will be happy to assist!