HSSD Drum Heater Specifications Page

HSSD Drum Heater Specifications Page

The HSSD Drum Heater is the ideal solution to heating products contained in steel drums. The silicone side heater reduces the viscosity of materials such as soaps, fats, foodstuffs, varnishes and chemicals allowing them to be pumped or poured with ease. The HSSD is the go to industrial heater for fast, aggressive, high powered heating performance. Applying heat evenly to the product eliminates hotspots thus preventing damage to more sensitive materials such as sugars. Products are marked with identification and batch numbers giving full manufacturing traceability.

• IPX1 protection
• Silicone rubber class II double insulated construction
• 32-240°F Capillary thermostat
• High temperature tolerance
• Simple hook and spring assembly
• 80in power cable
• Standard sizes - 5 Gal, 15 Gal, 30 Gal & 55 Gal



  • PFA multi-strand resistance
  • wire laminated between
  • Silicone Rubber and Glass
  • Fiber Sheets

CONTROL : Capillary Thermostat
FIXING : Hooks and Spring


The container heaters are fitted with an adjustable dial
thermostat. The target temperature can be set and when
the heater is under load the amber power neon will
illuminate. The red neon indicates the heater is connected
to a power input. The accuracy of the dial thermostats is +/-
9°F with a hysteresis of 18°F.


The silicone side heater gives exceptional performance incorporating a 32 - 240°F capillary thermostat
that delivers precise even heating from accurately positioned PFA coated multi-stranded resistance wires.
These wires are laid width ways throughout the heater giving superior flexibility while negating the physical
stress caused by thermal expansion during operation. A simple fixing arrangement via a hook and spring
provides swift and easy installation.

All HSSD side drum heaters are manufactured
to conform to the EEC low voltage and
EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.
It is advised that power to the heater be
disconnected when the container is either
empty or being filled, or upon installation or
removal of the heater itself. It is recommended
that the unit be operated in a dry environment
with the container vented to avoid build up of
internal pressure.


  • FH300135 HSSD/A
    • 5 Gal 5 x 31.5in 220-240V
    • 300W


  • FH300136 HSSD/B
      • 15 Gal 5 x 37in 220-240V
      • 500W


  • FH300137 HSSD/C
    • 30 Gal 5 x 51in 110-120V
    • 800W


  • FH300138 HSSD/C
    • 30 Gal 5 x 51in 220-240V
    • 800W


  • FH300139 HSSD/D
    • 55 Gal 5 x 65.5in 220-240V
    • 1000W


  • FH300140 HSSD/D
    • 55 Gal 7 x 65.5in 110-120V
    • 1000W


  • FH300141 HSSD/D
    • 55 Gal 7 x 65.5in 220-240V
    • 1000W


  • FH300142 HSSD/D
    • 55 Gal 7 x 65.5in 220-240V
    • 1500W

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