PTC Fan Heaters Test Page Hamerlink

PTC Fan Heaters Test Page Hamerlink

PTC Heaters with Built-in Fans

PTC Fan Heaters for Equipment Design

What is a PTC heater?

ptc fan heaters

Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters are ceramic discs using advanced ceramic technology materials.  These modern resistance heating elements are safe, high watt density, and energy efficient.  They allow for precise heating and transfer in small places.

A PTC fan heater is a PTC air heater with a fan that helps move the heat output to nearby spaces not directly in contact with the heating components.

The rapid & efficient heat transfer from the resistive ceramic disk makes the device more energy efficient than a traditional resistive fan heater.  These heaters are unique in that they automatically adjust the amount of temperature increase based on the ambient temperature.  

DBK fan heaters range from 10W to 800W, 12-24V, and high voltage 115-230V heaters.  The fan heaters have separate connections for the heater and fans for more efficient operation.  These lightweight, high power-to-size ratio components are pre-wired and ready for installation on DIN Rails. 

PTC heater types explained.

Industrial heating.

What is PTC?

PTC Convection heaters.


Applications for PTC Fan Heaters

  • Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
  • Ticket Vending Machines/Parking Ticket Terminals
  • Display Panel Heating
  • Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fuel Pumps/electric car charging stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Temperature sensitive product transportation
  • 3D Printing Equipment
  • Electronic cabinets for moisture control

Different product lines: Cirrus and Typhoon


Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters with Integral Fans

Combining PTC ceramic heaters with a cooling fan provides a broader range of temperature and moisture control.  This is especially true in tightly packed electronic cabinets both indoors and outdoors in a variety of climate conditions. 

Traditional heating elements can be problematic in tough conditions. Separate electric heaters, cooling fans, and control components take up too much space. The safety and dependability of the PTC fan heaters and the compact size offers the best option for design engineers.


Do You Have a Cabinet that Needs Moisture Control?

Using the PTC Fan Heaters in combination with our temperature control sensors can help maintain the cabinet temperature a few degrees above ambient preventing moisture build-up on cabinet components.  While the fan heater is not a replacement for humidity control with an additional temperature controller it will meet most needs of reducing moisture.

Durability, reduced repairs, and downtime

The ceramic materials used in PTC heaters are much more durable than typical resistive elements greatly improving the durability and dependability of the components. There is no chance of burned out elements or coils with ceramic heaters. 


Ease of Installation in Equipment Cabinets

DBK PTC fan heaters are lightweight compact designed for mounting in any orientation.  All are UL recognized components and UL508A certified for industrial control panels.  These self-regulating temperature heaters are pre-wired with separate circuits for fan only operation. 


DBK’s Line of Off-The-Shelf PTC Fan Heaters Simplify Ordering 

The Cirrus series of heaters range from the (10-40W) Cirrus 25 to the (300-800W) Cirrus 80.  These compact pre-wired PTC fan heaters are ready for mounting.  These PTC Fan Heaters are Engineered for durability and long life.  All are available for immediate delivery from our USA location.


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