PTC Surface Heaters Explained

PTC Surface Heaters Explained

ptc surface heater

PTC surface heaters are enclosed in housings designed to transfer their heat to an adjoining surface.  These dynamic heating elements combine the functions of heating and temperature control in one element.

Are you an electrical, mechanical, or industrial engineer looking for a focused heating solution for your equipment or cabinet? 

The HP Series heating components are embedded in an aluminum housing providing a strong design and excellent heat transfer characteristics.  Each come prewired and predrilled for easy installation. 


Applications for PTC Surface Heaters

You can find these types of heaters in industrial and commercial applications where heating needs to be transferred to another surface of body of material.

  • Solid bodies
  • Containers of fluids or other dry materials
  • Appliances in industrial or commercial applications
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetic equipment



Positive Temperature Coefficient Surface Heaters

PTC ceramic thermistor surface heaters are provided in flat aluminum housings.  The safety and dependability of the PTC flat surface or conductive heaters and the compact size offers the best option for design engineers.

Durability, reduced repairs, and downtime

The ceramic materials used in PTC heaters are much more durable than typical resistive elements greatly improving the durability and dependability of the components. There is no chance of burned out elements or coils with ceramic heaters.  

DBK’s Off-The-Shelf PTC Surface Heaters Simplify Ordering

Heating Profiles (HP) The HP series features a compact design and high-power density. The flat aluminum housing can be easily installed and ensures optimum heat transfer. The ready-to-use heating element can be fixed in any place by corresponding fixing holes on the profiles (e.g. drilled or punched mounting holes).