Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler

Peltier Thermoelectric Coolers Explained

Thermoelectric Coolers for Equipment Design

thermoelectric cooler

Thermoelectric Air-to-Air Cooler is ideal choice for design engineers that need a solid-state cooler with compact design and DC operation. 

These coolers employ forced air convection by utilizing IP54 axial fans. The standard range for these assemblies is 60W to 200W. The coolers are ETL recognized and RoHS compliant

What is a thermoelectric cooler?

The technical term for a thermoelectric cooler is Peltier Effect cooler.  It is named after Charles Peltier, who discovered this modern technology marvel.  The effect of current flowing through two conductive materials caused heating and cooling came from his experiments in 1834!

It wasn’t until the manufacture of semiconductors that the phenomenon became practical for cooling and heating.  The current passing through two sheets of semiconductor material produces the same effect as the initial experiments.

Where are thermoelectric coolers used?

 You can find these types of coolers in industrial and commercial applications where coolers need to be small reliable solid-state construction.

  • Windmills
  • Water/wine Coolers
  • Spacecraft/Satellite
  • CCTV Boxes
  • ATM Enclosures
  • Control Panels/Outdoor Enclosures
  • Analytical/Medical Instrumentation
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Food and Beverage Cooling
  • Telecom Cabinets 

What are the features of a Peltier cooling system?

  • No Refrigerants
  • Compact Design
  • DC Operation
  • Reliable Solid-State Construction
  • ETL Recognized and RoHS Compliant
  • Durability
  • Reduced Repairs & Downtime
  • Off-the-shelf Availability

Are these types of coolers durable?

The ceramic materials used in the thermoelectric coolers are much more durable than typical cooling systems that tend to corrode or require mechanical switching, greatly improving the durability and dependability of the components.

Do thermoelectric coolers need a thermostat?

Yes, these coolers need a thermostat and controlling device to turn them on and off.  Special thermostats and controllers are available for electronic equipment enclosures.

What are the power requirements for these coolers?

What are the typical measurements for these coolers?

DBK’s Off-The-Shelf A60 Thermoelectric Cooler Simplifies Ordering

The A60 is a 60W 24 VDC Air Flow unit with operating temperature of 14° to 122° degrees F.  Other standard sizes are available up to 200W.  Custom designs are available including direct and liquid cooling on request.