1 Boost bar and fan to boost bar connector

1 Boost bar and fan to boost bar connector

  • $1,743.61 $1,743.61

Boost Bar

Intelligent Target Drying... The Drymatic Boost Bar uses DBK‘s unique electrically insulated PTC technology which provides not only controlled heat but also energy-saving characteristics. PTC technology is self-regulating and inherently safe; this means that even if your air mover is switched off, or a blockage occurs, the unit will automatically protect itself and reduce the power of the heater.

• Lightweight (17 lbs) and portable, single plug (11.6 maximum Amp draw)

• Uses ultra-safe DBK self-regulating PTC heating technology

• Digital temperature control

• Detects loss of air movement

• Saves energy, time and strip-out

• Flexible adaptor system

• Bluetooth enabled for future technologies