Boost Bar Adaptors

Boost Bar Adaptors

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L - Shaped 90o Adaptor


“Direct your heat above or below The Drymatic Boost Bar 90 Deg Adaptor channels the heated airflow up towards ceiling level or it can be rotated to channel the airflow down into a subfloor or crawlspace.

Simply slide the adaptor into either side of the Drymatic Boost Bar and either allow the air to flow in the direction of choice or attach lay flat ducting to the connector and take the air up into a ceiling void or a different area of the structure.

When drying crawlspace or subfloor areas the airflow can be channeled downwards into the drying chamber. Simply remove a section of the floor or subfloor and place the unit so that the air is channeled down through the opening.”


4-Port Adaptor
Includes: 4 x 20ft length hoses, Jubilee Clips, Wheeled Kit Bag

“Deliver your energy where it is needed most! The Drymatic Boost Bar 4-Port Adaptor gives you the ability to take heated airflow from the system and deliver it to four separate drying chambers.

When using the adaptor you do not have to place the Boost Bar in the drying chamber itself, just feed the 4 x 4“ pipes from the unit to the drying chamber. Perfect for:

  • Crawlspace drying • Tented chambers • Ceiling Voids • Cavity Walls

The 4 Port Adaptor can be used with lengths of lay flat tubing to improve airflow over longer distances. Distribute your heated airflow along an affected area by perforating your lay flat and tying it off at the end!”


12-Port Injection Drying Kit
Includes: 100 ft of WireFlex Pipe, 12 x Rubber Cuffs, Wheeled Kit Bag

“Creating a versatile cavity drying system... The Drymatic Boost Bar 12-Port injection drying kit is the perfect tool for introducing temperature-controlled, dry air into hard to reach areas of water damage.

The system uses 12 x 1.5“ pipes to deliver the heated air into areas such as:

  • Kitchen Cabinets • Cavity Walls • Ceiling Voids • Crawlspaces and Subfloors

The 12-Port Adaptor provides a minimally invasive way of restoring water-damaged materials; saving time, effort and minimizing strip-out.