Condensate Evaporators

Condensate Evaporators

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PTC Condensate Evaporator

An electronic condensate evaporator uses PTC heater technology for reliability and low power consumption removing condensation inside air-condition cabinets and refrigerators.  The evaporator includes inlet and outlet ports for condensate such that no draining of the accumulated water is necessary.

Condensate Evaporator Features:

  • Operating power up to 200W
  • Evaporation rate up to 245ml/h | 8.28 oz/h
  • Compact, encapsulated design
  • Maintenance-free, no draining necessary
  • High security and reliability due to PTC technology
  • Integrated condensate collection tank
  • Easy integration by a hose connection
  • Mounting via DIN clip or mounting bracket
  • Low power consumption due to dry run mode (~50W)
  • Low Energy Switch (~15W)  Available by Request

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