PTC Finned HRKK Heaters

PTC Finned HRKK Heaters

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PTC Finned Air Heater (HRKK)

  • PTC Air Heater
  • PTC Finned Resistor Heating Elements perform with an independent temperature limiting effect, this results in the highest possible operating safety.
  • The big surface of the aluminum fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer with low outlet.
  • By an adjustment of the air volume flow, this system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power in certain ranges.




PTC HRKK01 16/24 100-120V

HRKK02 12/24 100-120V

HRKK03 8/24 100-120V

HRKK04 30/24 100-120V

HRKK05 12/24 100-120V

HRKK06 18/24 100-120V


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