Electric Drum Heaters

Electric Drum Heaters

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Electric Drum heaters, also known as band heaters and container heaters, are used to reduce the viscosity of liquids and other sensitive and fragile solutions by heating to transport the respective liquid solution or prevent the solution from freezing inside the drum. Electric Drum heaters maintain a constant temperature preventing the liquids from overheating, burning, or solidifying.

Large storage areas used for storing these materials need to be temperature controlled; these constant temperature environments are very costly to maintain. Suppose your company manages large warehouses or extensive storerooms. In that case, you need an electric drum heater because keeping those large spaces sealed tight enough to maintain the required environmental conditions throughout the area can be very costly.

 We provide an excellent product line of electric drum heaters. Our electric drum heaters come in various sizes ranging from 55 gallons to five gallons. Depending on the number of drums to be used and the contents of the drums, we can help you understand your needs and how to use drum closets or cabinets that hold numerous drums or a simple electrical belt.


Electric Drum Heaters Operation

drum heater operations

Our electric drum heaters are usually smaller units used to operate with belts or blankets, have built-in electrical coils. Our blanket or belt drum heaters have heating coils encased in silicon, plastic, or rubber. All of the electrical elements fit in between two layers of fabric so that they don’t directly contact the outside of the drum. Through indirect heating, the electric drum heaters raise the temperature of the drums, thus heating the contents. Heating the sides of the drums is relatively inexpensive, portable and works very well for companies with varying drum types and solvent categories.

Large electric drum heaters are known as cabinets, closets, or drum ovens and adjust to accommodate a single drum or several drums together. The heating principle pulls air into the cabinet by a fan and passes over a heating coil that pushes the air across the drums. As Soon As the appropriate temperature is attained, the drum heater automatically shuts off until the temperature fluctuates.


Where to Get the Right Electric Drum Heater

Electric Drum heaters are available on the internet, at dbkusa.com, or by contacting 864 599 1600 for custom orders; specific versions are done on consignment and require more development. Depending on the size of the electric drum heater, they can be shipped or picked up. No special handling is required.

Structures may need to be constructed for the electric drum heater depending on where and how the drum heater will be utilized. Manufacturer specifications recommend that facilities be installed indoors. Only a select few units are designed for outdoor use. A sufficient electrical supply is a necessity since the large units draw a great deal of power.

The drum heating industry has proliferated as the need for maintaining the temperature of solutions in the modern enterprise has become more important; the cost associated with excessive energy use motivated engineers to look for efficient and cost-effective methods for storing volatile liquids. And though costs may be a major deciding factor when purchasing an electric drum heater, must be address several other concerns before buying a drum heater. The type of business generally dictates whether your company needs a drum heating unit; this can include but is not limited to these industries that use solutions or solvents in the manufacturing process:

  • Auto manufacturers,
  • Food processors,
  • Chemical companies, and
  • Cleaning supply producers

We can help evaluate your storage space and help you determine a needs assessment. This assessment will help you determine the type of unit, amount, and cost. Cabinets and closets can cost thousands of dollars to construct correctly and require a designated space and planning and preparation. In essence, they represent a significant buying decision.

Drum heating cylinders, where the drum is placed inside the cylinder to be heated, can be very economical or costly depending on the vendor, the volume of the cylinder, and the quantity of heat required. If multiple cylinders are necessary, it could make more financial sense to be responsible for getting a cabinet, no matter what the cost. Belts and blankets are the most economical means of heating drums. The prices of these elements depend on quality, durability, heating coil, and efficiency. They offer portability and ease of storage.

We recommend that when you are considering a purchase, you closely examine the end-use of the drum heater and how frequently the device will be utilized. We can provide data and research regarding the types of drum heaters you should consider and their respective use.

If your industrial company or manufacturing enterprise requires the storage of chemicals, solvents, or food preparation products, it would be smart to invest in this energy-saving device.

 At DBKUSA we have introduced electric drum heaters to our product line, now available in the United States. Our new product offerings include but are not limited to. Our products are derived from bespoke surface heating elements.


Here are the sizes and voltages offered today:

  • 5 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 300W 5 x 31.5" (FH300135 HSSD/A)
  • 15 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 500W 5 x 37" (FH300136 HSSD/B)
  • 30 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 110-120V 800W 5 x 51" (FH300137 HSSD/C)
  • 30 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 800W 5 x 51" (FH300138 HSSD/C)
  • 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1000W 5 x 65.5" (FH300139 HSSD/D)
  • 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 110-120V 1000W 7 x 65.5" (FH300140 HSSD/D)
  • 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1000W 7 x 65.5" (FH300141 HSSD/D)
  • 55 Gallon Silicone Side Drum Heater 220-240V 1500W 7 x 65.5" (FH300142 HSSD/D)

The HSSD silicone drum heater provides uniform thermal transfer across the heating surface. It is the perfect solution for heating products contained in steel drums. The HSSD heater is the leading industrial heater for fast, aggressive, high-powered heating performance.

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