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About Us

DBK Group

For over half a century, we have been committed to the useful and effective deployment of energy and focused on the respective development of individual solutions within the sectors of energy management.

DBK is an international corporate group with headquarters in the Southern Palatinate region of Germany.
electrothermics, air-conditioning, and electronics.

As a medium-sized German company we have regional links while also being an international player. We still believe in old-fashioned values without being stuck in a time warp. On the contrary – we embrace the new and enjoy creative ideas. Thanks to this curiosity, combined with technical excellence and great flexibility, we are among the technological leaders in every one of our business segments.

The DBK corporate group comprises subsidiaries in France, the UK, Hong Kong, the US, Austria, the Czech Republic, Sweden, China, and Germany, as well as numerous agencies spread over the Europe. 

Environmental and Quality Policy.

One of DBK’s most important goals is to guarantee high customer satisfaction in the long term. In a globally competitive environment, companies who offer the best value for money on a permanent basis will assert themselves. Fulfilling our customer’s quality demands – in every aspect – is, therefore, of central importance to DBK.

We need the skills and commitment of all our employees to achieve our ambitious aims. It is management’s aim to ensure that each employee identifies with the company, its products, and services, to create the prerequisites for achieving the set quality goals.

Our processes need to be understood, mastered and continuously developed to avoid errors right from the start and to guarantee highest quality levels.

Suitable training measures and an open and targeted information policy ensure that the quality policy is understood, observed and converted into concrete actions on all levels of the organization.