Enclosure Climatization Controls

Temperature and Humidity Controls


DBK offers controls to complement its PTC heaters and thermoelectric cooling devices. 

These products include adjustable thermostats, fixed value thermostats and electrical mechanical hygrostats. 

The controls come in low and high voltage models to fit a wide variety of design requirements. All are compactly designed to fit in tight spaces.

Temperature ranges vary with products and voltage. Please check individual specifications sheets for details.

Applications for DBK’s Control Devices

These electronic temperature controllers are used in industrial and commercial applications where controls need to be small reliable durable construction.

  • Electrical and electronic control systems
  • Power distribution & transformers
  • Power Generation
  • CCTV Boxes
  • ATM Enclosures
  • Control Panels/Outdoor Enclosures
  • Analytical/Medical Instrumentation Industrial Instrumentation Food and Beverage Cooling Telecom Cabinets

Fixed Temperature Thermostat

Designed by DBK’s engineers for fixed temperature control in a confined space. They are supplied as a kit with pre-set temperature values.


Electromechanical Hygrostat

This DIN-rail mounted humidity control when attached to a dehumidifier or heater will switch on a heater at humidity set-point to raise the dew point. This helps prevent damage to electrical components in a cabinet or enclosure.


Adjustable Thermostats

These compact thermostats with integrated DIN rail mounting features are ideal for controlling the temperature in electronic and electrical enclosures. Combined with DBK heating and cooling devices they provide precise environmental control in compact spaces.  They are available in normally closed (or heating) and normally open (for cooling) version.  The Dual thermostat offers both normally closed and normally open thermostats in a single unit.


DBK’s Off-The-Shelf Temperature Controls Simplifies Ordering

Standard controls are available directly from the website. If you need assistance with selection for your application, give our engineers a call at the number at the top of the web page.