DBK Custom Harness Creation

Custom Wire Harnesses



Custom Wire Harnesses

DBK USA Inc can manufacture custom wire harnesses to your requirements.  If you need harnesses to connect our heaters and controls into your equipment, or just stand alone harness assemblies contact us with your requirements.We can also add UL recognized connectors to our Cirrus range and maintain the UL recognition for these heaters under our file E216910.

We have automated cut/strip capability for wire sizes ranging from 30 to 12awg and can terminate wires with your required connectors, whether you need Ferrules, Receptacles/Tabs, Rings or Crimp/Connector terminations.

Depending on volume we can offer application of connectors by Semi-Automatic press or Hand Tools for low volume/prototyping needs.
In addition to crimp termination we offer soldered connections (using RoHS compliant, Lead Free soldering stations) and cable marking solutions.

We can test assemblies for Continuity, carry out Dielectric withstand testing, and we pull test to UL 486 defined minimum force specifications.
Equipment and capabilities:
  • Komax Gamma 315 automated machines for wire cut-strip
  • Presses for fully insulated and uninsulated terminals
  • Applicators for: Tyco/AMP, Molex, JST, most other terminal brands
  • Soldering/de-soldering equipment
  • Heat Guns for Heatshrink Insulation and Cable Marking
  • Wide range of terminal crimping hand tools
  • Pull Testing
  • Electrical circuit testing

Contact us for a quote, whether that’s addition of harness and/or connectors to our products, or other custom cable assemblies or wire harnesses you need today. 
If you have a finalized a harness design, or need assistance selecting suitable connectors, contact us and we can work with you to develop a solution