HSSD Drum Heater Explained

HSSD Drum Heater Explained

Drum Heaters for Industrial Products

What are drum heaters?

HSSD Drum Heater

Heaters manufactured for heating or maintaining the temperature of the contents of a drum or pail come in a variety of configurations.  Most commonly used are electric drum heaters due to their flexibility and ease of operation.

What are electric drum heaters used for?

A common need for drum or pail heaters is to maintain the viscosity of materials to be pumped or gravity fed from the drum, such as soap, fat, varnishes, oils, sugars, or similar products.  These products often cannot be pumped or fed at room or lower temperatures.

Are there different types of drum heaters?

Some designs fit under a drum using the natural convection of the heated contents to circulate the heat throughout the drum.  Heating a drum of fluid is a slow process depending on the viscosity of the contents.  More often, flexible drum heaters are used in conjunction with bottom heaters or themselves to heat and maintain the temperature of the contents.

Flexible bands with heating elements are wrapped around the outside surface of the drum or pail.  These wraps come into direct contact with the outer surface conducting heat through the surface to the materials held inside the drum.

What are HSSD drum heaters?

The HSSD acronym refers to “Heat Silicone Side Drum,” used by the manufacturer to specify a particular type of electric drum band heater that uses industrial-grade silicone rubber.  This solution is highly durable with high-temperature tolerance.  Durability is essential in industrial applications where electric heating bands can be subject to abrasion and chemicals.

DBKUSA’s silicone side heater gives exceptional performance incorporating a 0-120 degree C capillary adjustable thermostat or a digital custom range thermostat that delivers precise, even heating from accurately positioned PFA-coated multi-stranded resistance wires.  These wires are laid widthways throughout the heater giving superior flexibility while negating the physical stress caused by thermal expansion during operation.

Applications for HSSD drum heaters

HSSD Drum Heater

Electric drum heaters control the temperature of the contents stored, pumped, or poured within a drum. This provides multiple applications for the heaters depending on the material within the drum. Some of the many possible applications for electric drum heaters include:

  • Syrups - glucose, agave, corn, maple, cane
  • Oils - motor, diesel, olive, palm, soybean, rapeseed\
  • Waxes, glue, fat, butter, epoxies
  • Adhesives Heating
  • Chemical Component Heating
  • Diesel Fuel Heating in cold weather
  • Grease and fats heating in cold weather
  • Heating soaps
  • Heating paints and varnishes
  • Metal Drum Heating
  • Plastic Drum Heating
  • Portable Drum Heating

In all cases, the DBK Electric HSSD Drum Heater will make the above materials less viscous and easier to handle. For more delicate products, such as foodstuffs, the heater will preserve them and keep them viable.  

Key Facts or HSSD Electric Drum Heaters

  • IP40 protection
  • Quality silicone rubber Class ll
  • Double insulated construction
  • 0-120 C capillary thermostat
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Simple hook and spring for easy installation
  • Standard sizes
  • Optional Digital Custom temperature range thermostat

What sizes and voltage are available?

DBK USA Off the Shelf Line of Drum Heaters Simplifies Ordering

The worldwide demand for flexible heating solutions is growing rapidly across a wide variety of industries.

DBK heaters are designed for easy incorporation into your applications with quality and durability of foremost importance. We offer a small standard range of “off the shelf” solutions for your initial testing needs.  DBK offers custom designs that are created by working directly with our customers, to meet their application-specific needs.

Are you considering flexible silicone heaters for your applications?  DBK engineers are available to help select and design the right solution to meet your requirements, from custom shapes and sizes to the added value of integrated thermostats, harnesses, connectors, and more. Contact us today to learn more!