PTC Convection Heaters Explained

PTC Convection Heaters Explained

PTC Convection Heaters Components for Equipment Design 

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PTC Convection Heaters are designed for focusing heat in compact spaces that require precise heating and moisture control.  These heaters are used in applications where there isn’t room or separate power for a fan or the temperatures range too low for fan operation. 

DBK convection heaters range from 20W to 240W, 110-240V heaters. These lightweight high power to size ratio components are ready for installation on DIN Rails. 


Applications for PTC Convection Heaters

Typical applications where focused air flow where controlled temperatures are required:

  • Kiosks
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
  • Ticket Vending Machines/Parking Ticket Terminals
  • Display Panel Heating
  • Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fuel Pumps/electric car charging stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Heavy equipment operator cabs
  • Temperature sensitive product transportation
  • Electronic cabinets for moisture control

Positive Temperature Coefficient Convection Heaters

PTC ceramic thermistor convection heaters are provided in aluminum extruded housings.  Traditional heating elements can be problematic in tough conditions. Separate electric heaters, cooling fans, and control components take up too much space. The safety and dependability of the PTC convection heaters and the compact size offers the best option for design engineers.


Do You Have a Cabinet that Needs Moisture Control?

Using the PTC Convection Heaters in combination with our temperature control sensors can help maintain the cabinet temperature a few degrees above ambient preventing moisture build-up on cabinet components.  While the convection heater is not a replacement for humidity control with an additional temperature controller it will meet most needs of reducing moisture.

 Durability, reduced repairs, and downtime

The ceramic materials used in PTC heaters are much more durable than typical resistive elements greatly improving the durability and dependability of the components. There is no chance of burned out elements or coils with ceramic heaters. 


DBK’s Off-The-Shelf PTC Convection Heaters Simplify Ordering

The Blizzard PTC Convection Heater Series are mounted in a UL94V-0 high temperature plastic housing.  This touch safe heater does not exceed 165.2° degrees F in the L version or 221° degrees F in the H version.  The Blizzard Series are easily connected using an integrated terminal block.

The Nimbus PTC Convection/Finned Heater Series use rugged aluminum extrusion fins in different profiles to meet design needs. The anodized aluminum extrusions come with a fixing clip for a 35 mm DIN top hat rail. The heaters come prewired with silicon leads. Components are UL 508A rated for industrial control panels.

The Nimbus NG profile design is optimized for thermal convection and supplied with Din-clip for directly mounting to Din-rail in cabinet structure.  Connection is easy with the integrated terminal block. Optional touch protection guard is available.

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