Boost Box Floor Drying Start Up Kit

Boost Box Floor Drying Start Up Kit

  • $3,233.80 $3,233.80

SAVE $$ and get 1 Boost Bar and 4 floor mats , plus a wide variety of mats and connectors as listed below.

Our Biggest and Most Popular Kit Available for building or restoration companies that dry water damage buildings

  • The Drymatic products work in all climates, ranging from 0F up to 122F

  • Heat Drying is considered to be the fastest and most efficient method of drying structural building materials

  • The Drymatic system is saving insurance companies millions of pounds in drying and reinstatement costs, as well as reducing alternative accommodation costs.

  • With the Drymatic product you are drying materials you never thought possible (e.g. dense building materials such as concrete, and multi-layered floor constructions)